This section lists profiles of individuals looking for work in the IT sector.


This section lists offers for employment or contracts in the IT sector.

How it works

The site provides two services:

  1. A way for businesses to announce employment and/or contract opportunities in the IT sector.
  2. A way for FFII members and supporters who are looking for employment or contracts in the IT sector to announce their availability.

Terms of use

  1. This site is for professional opportunities in the IT sector only.
  2. Profiles and offers from anywhere in the world are accepted.
  3. All postings must be made in English, at present.
  4. No personal information or email addresses should be posted.
  5. All contacts should be done via the Wikidot notification system.
  6. The FFII is not responsible for any consequences of the use of this site.
  7. The site editors may moderate content as they see fit, without warning, explanation, or compensation.