FFII Wireless Network


The FFII is planning a new "wireless" network at its main office and is looking for expert hackers.

Following the renovation of its main IT systems, the FFII is planning to design and implement a new "wi-fi" system to bring the FFII fully into the Internet age. The FFII board has budgeted 100,000 Euro for this ambitious project which should be completed by 2020. The FFII is aware of the ground-breaking nature of this work but considers it essential that it lead the way in this field, which is essential to continuing the flame wars on Cafe.

"We are finding that our email traffic exceeds the capacity of our dial-up modems," explains FFII hacker 'X', "so we want to leapfrog wholly into the next generation of networking and go wireless". The FFII's offices do pick up a weak signal from houses across the street but the new plan should bring all the FFII offices bravely into the 21st century.

Hacker 'X' explains the project, "we have found ten bricked so-called 'wife routers' which we are disassembling. We must reflash these with new code that is guaranteed free of any patent or copyright violations. We have done feasibility tests and written the code - this took a weekend - but we are now performing an exhaustive clearance search of the EPO patent database, which we expect will take around twelve years."

During the roll-out of this project, the FFII is looking for sneakernet experts who can carry the exploding cafe traffic on USB keys.


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  • Major new hardware project
  • As many as eight new routers
  • Scheduled for 2020
  • Bring sneakers